The real value of Vistage is driven by the people in the room. 


8 groups with over 80 members celebrated a year of commitment & effective work, with optimism for 2023. It’s amazing to see the growth of our Vistage Malta community of leaders all in one room.

For the first time in Vistage Malta, we celebrated our “MVPs” – The most valuable people recognised by the members of each group, as well as lifetime commitment to their groups for 10+ year members.

Each of our 8 Vistage Malta Chief Executive, Small Business and Key Executive groups, voted for the Most Valuable Person in the group.

Because we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, we commissioned a caricature for each awarded member.

While it was light-hearted and a bit of fun, it was great listening to the inspiration which lies beneath and a note from each Chair on their MVP:



Claire Cassar, Entrepreneur & Vistage Chair

Claire has been a constant source of emotional intelligence, an example of commitment and as caring a member as one could wish for. She deserves all the recognition from her peers for this reason”

Nathan Farrugia – Chair – CE1

Dunstan Magro, Managing Partner & Founder, WDM International

Dunstan is recognised by his peers as being genuine and authentic as well as consistent in his philosophical approach to all he does. He is a caring and compassionate leader who values integrity.”

Claire Cassar – Chair – CE2

Matthew Zammit, CEO & Director, 360 Group

Matthew is an inspiration to the group through is unbound energy and creative thinking. He’s an example that ‘anything is possible’ if you put your mind to it!”

Nathan Farrugia – Chair – CE3


Richard Muscat Azzopardi, CEO, Switch

Richard is one of the first people to join this group and has from day one embraced the value of a peer group. He is never shy of saying it ’the way he sees it’ and is always there to give support to those who need it. He is an ambassador of Vistage’s signature carefrontation to which he adds some of his own signature dry humour, because work can be fun too.

He was voted MVP for his positive outlook, even during COVID and his go get attitude to stretch his comfort zone on a daily basis.”

Julian Azzopardi – SB1 Member and Vistage Malta Chair

Alex Thomson Mizzi, COO & Co-Founder, Growth Gurus

Alex is curious, competent, and extremely giving with his insights and experience. His energy drives the group forwards and makes everyone feel accountable to deliver and get things done. His work as a mentor for our Social Impact initiatives as also a great show of his altruistic approach to leadership”

Nathan Farrugia – Chair – SB2

Brian Ferris, Managing Partner, Scope

Brian is rather quiet and soft spoken by nature, but is extremely insightful and generous with his thoughts and support. His peers recognised the tremendous value this brings to the group, often helping them ‘get unstuck’ from problems and challenges they face.”

Nathan Farrugia – Chair – SB3

Chris Ellul, Managing Director, ZeroBubble Malta

Chris is a perfect example of how the Vistage Method works. He brings everything to the table and leaves no stone unturned when talking about any of his issues during our meetings. He has fully embraced the value of the group to stretch himself beyond what he currently knows in the best interest of his business, his employees and his clients.

Chris is a doting husband, caring husband and thoughtful friend. As every ‘busy’ MD his day is filled with the responsibilities of all his roles, yet he is never too busy for his Vistage group. He participates actively during our sessions as well as online through the sharing of resources, insights and his signature dry humour, which always helps.”

Julian Azzopardi – Chair – SB4


Daniel Cassar, HR Manager, DeltaMalta

Daniel brings his organisational psychology knowledge to every Vistage Group meeting. This allows for a very different perspective that other members around the table appreciate and value very much. Daniel is humble and while may at times be perceived as reserved, is actually very attentive and reflective. He will never miss a beat and when he talks, the other members really listen.

Daniel is an active Scout Leader, an Entrepreneur and Health enthusiast. He brings a lot of his experiences to the Vistage meeting since he is aware that learning is a multi-faceted, and continuous journey which can only be enriched by variety and contrasting perspectives.”

Julian Azzopardi – Chair – KE1

While recognising members for the value they bring to Vistage, we are honoured to recognise, the founding member of Vistage’s first group in Malta for his long term service as a valued member of Vistage Malta.


Tonio Zarb, Consultant, ex-Senior Partner, KPMG Malta

Tonio has been a stalwart for Vistage in Malta and has participated & supported its growth throughout his 10 year tenure as a member.

His peers recognise his soft-spoken but deeply insightful contribution to any conversation, such is his breath of competencies. But actually Tonio has a witty sense of humour that often catches us off guard! It’s been my honour and pleasure to sit beside him as a member, and now as the chair of the group.”

Nathan Farrugia – CE1 Group Chair

Congratulations to each chosen member, for bringing continuous value to the Vistage community!

We look forward to continue growing and enhancing the local community and extending the impact of the Vistage leadership journey across communities. 

On an international level. Vistage International has recently acquired Denmark-based EGN Group, which offers peer groups to CEOs and key executives worldwide. This acquisition expands Vistage membership to nearly 45,000 in 35 countries. Read more:

“I am excited about this partnership because of our shared vision of being the world’s most trusted resource for CEOs, business owners and key executives to help them become better leaders, make better decisions, and deliver better results.” – Vistage #CEO Sam Reese


If you are interested in joining the growing Vistage Malta community, get in touch with us here or contact one of our chairs directly :

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